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She curls up in a corner
Fearing for her life
Hands over her ears
Salty tears
Spring from her eyes
Crimson liquid
From gaping holes
And bloody lips
Drip drip drip
Red puddles
Bullet wounds
Outside her home
Bang bang bang
The smell of death
Wafts up her nose
Blood on their hands
In the air
Is this life

She curls up in the corner Behind a closed door A crimson liquid From bloody lips Nothing to hide So why does she hide No white woolly bullets No pads, no cups Nothing to soak up Her dignity, her shame This…

Where’s the urgency to keep us all alive

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

When global leaders finally took action, it was too late to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Some reports suggest that the outbreak started as far back as November 17, 2019. If that’s true, that’s a lot of procrastinating from global leaders…

On January 23rd 2020, more than two months later, at Davos, experts provided an update on the new virus. A panel that included Stephane Bancel, MD and now billionaire, of Moderna.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovations (CEPI) held a press conference in Davos to provide an update…

A tale of two cities…a little bit o’ fiction

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in the lands of Abunda and Scarcite, people welcomed a brand new day. The sun shone, birds tweeted, and the waves lapped against the shorelines.

In Abunda people woke up and ate breakfast together. They walked, practiced yoga, meditated and enjoyed the beginning of another beautiful day. This was one of their four ‘downdays’. Everyone in Abunda enjoyed a balanced life. They do the work they love doing three days a week. …

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

They say there’s a book in all of us. I remember my nannie used to read a lot — my nannie being who you might call your gran, granny or grandma.

I remember one of my favourite places to go with her when I was knee high to a grasshopper, was our local library. Remember them? When borrowing books was the done thing — how very sustainable we were.

Her books (and mine) had a cardboard insert stuck to the inside right hand front page. The cardboard had two or three rows printed onto it and a folded pocket in…

It might save us all.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Three years ago I started to question a lot in my life. At 41, I’m sure it could be put down to a midlife crisis. Why was I like this? Why did I behave in certain ways. What do I want? Why did I feel empty, lost. Or no matter how many friends I had, feel like I didn’t fit in anywhere. There was a lot of introspection and spiralling thoughts that were bringing me down. I was crying a lot. There were nights when I went to bed wishing I wouldn’t wake up. …

That’s what we need

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

In 2018 NASA reported that the earth’s axis had shifted. The same story was reported again this week in the Guardian.

“The massive melting of glaciers as a result of global heating has caused marked shifts in the Earth’s axis of rotation since the 1990s, research has shown. It demonstrates the profound impact humans are having on the planet, scientists said.”

I can’t be the only person who finds this more frightening than Freddie Krueger’s face? Feel free to insert your own image of what’s frightening to you.

I started to imagine the planet spinning through…

Photo by Globelet Reusable on Unsplash

I look forward to Thursday mornings. As I continue to work from home, it means a visit to my local, small but perfectly formed, independently owned coffee shop. Tucked neatly into a corner under the railway bridge, it’s conveniently located just a few minutes walk from my home. I prepare for my short escape from my desk by gathering up a few essentials — purse, keys, reusable cup and a box for my cake.

I get to have a little chat with the lovely owners. And then I revel in the anticipation of going back to my desk with a…

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

An invitation to call me anything, except the ‘c’ word…how’s that for opening myself up to being called every name under the sun. If I was a social media ‘influencer’, or cared about the opinions of strangers, I might be worried about the trolling and name calling. Alas, I am neither.

Why the strong aversion?

When I think of the word ‘consumer’, I think of buying without thinking about it. Buying for the sake of it. Buying because it’s a habit to go to the shops on a Saturday. Or a habit to do online. …

What activities comes to mind?

Woman bubbles
Woman bubbles
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

Unconscious destructive human behaviours. I bet most of us could name a few. But would something that’s sometimes celebratory, sometimes grief stricken and appears to be a seemingly harmless activity feature in a round of “we asked 100 people to name an unconscious human behaviour”?

No matter what the reason, there’s usually a gathering of people. This could range from thousands in the case of a sporting event, hundreds at a graduation ceremony, to a small crowd in the case of a memorial.

It may have been put together by the event organisers as it’s…

Can we all think our way out of this mess?

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

We’re living in a ‘take, make, waste’ consumerist world and it’s not good. It’s a huge problem for the planet. Which means it’s a problem for all living things, including us oh so intelligent humans.

Our landfills are brimming with stuff that hasn’t been designed or made for a sustainable world. Even our streets, rivers, oceans, soil, the air we breathe are all affected by poor, thoughtless design.

Digging into the earth’s resources to produce badly designed stuff that a tiny percentage of people are profiting massively from, is perhaps the very definition of unsustainable.

Thankfully we have things like…

Jaxx Bruce

Dreaming and writing stories and poetry about a truly sustainable and conscious world. Founder of a circular economy startup. Heylo from Scotland!

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